bangkok don’t miss out

No one should miss out on Bangkok. It retains so much colonial grace and comfort. Just sit in the mahogany bar at the Oriental to feel what the world felt like back in the day when Hemingway came and sat in this very same place. The grace of the people has so much to do with their incredible culture and of course the culture of Buddhism.
Temples are everywhere. And should not be missed. There are so many great ways to see the city, and in Bangkok tours are one of the better ways to go. After all, you’ll need help navigating your way through this bustling city.The temple that should be first on anyone’s list is the temple of the golden Buddha, or Wat Trimitr.
Legend has it that, to hide its value from Burmese invaders, the Buddha image was covered entirely in plaster and remained so for over two centuries. Seated in the position called ‘Subduing the Mara’ (conquering the devil), the Sukhothai-influenced statue weighs five and a half tons and has a height of 15 feet 9 inches, making it the world’s biggest golden Buddha image.
Next on the list of must-see places in Bangkok is the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Probably the most famous landmark in Bangkok, the palace used to serve as a residence for the Kings of Thailand. The Emerald Buddha is housed in the main building and is lavishly adorned with garments made of gold. Three different sets of gold garments are changed exclusively by the King of Thailand to correspond to the country’s hot, rainy and cool seasons.
And keep in mind that since the Grand Palace is regarded as a royal venue, appropriate attire is expected from visitors. No shorts, singlet, sleeveless shirts, sandals or any open-ended shoes are allowed inside the grounds of the Grand Palace. If you happen to wear any of those, sarongs and trousers are available for loan at the palace’s main entrance.